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audition coopers ...
Saturday, March 12, 2011 | 4:28 PM | 0 comments
SmileyCentral.com argh ... ssh nye nk jd coopers kt skola kluster ni . siap ade audition lg . sdh r rmi . lebey kurg 200 org amik borang tp die cume nk 25 org . x ke gile nmenye . mmg pnjg r beratur . kteorg kene gi 5 station  tau . then , diorg tnye soalan sume nye yg same je . yg plg x le bla nye ade la 1 soalan tu kan ... " kau rse kau cntek x ? kteorg nk stok yg lawa2 je utk promote brg koop " . aq ckp r biase2 je tp die ckp aq x yakin plk . masalah btol . result aq cme 1A je n yg len C,D n E . no B at all . aq rse die t'blikkan gred r . coz aida yg dpt byk E tu dpt task psl coop tgh mlm ari yg aq stay up smpi kol 1.45 .

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ngee :)Hello dear ! welcome :3 doakan untuk semua SPM candidates 2012 okay .
Hey world . Just step here ? My name is Nurafiqah . sixteen this year . Live in Beruntung Hill , Rawang . Currently study for accountacy in Teknik KL . Work without pays at TIKL's koop :DD do fllow if u like . it would be a pleasure!!
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