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Friday, April 22, 2011 | 8:33 PM | 0 comments
Hari Sukan best .. aq msok perbarisan , tp ... kalah aha . gama mng . tp mmg patot pon aq rase . sdh r kene makeup mcm panda tau . lebam biru kt mata . beta an . biru r .tp d best part is our maskot . avatar tau . benjy yg jd . nj dh r ketat ngan rambot mcm org africa . aha . sumpah lawak .then , aq rse yg plg smgt menari is besi . wlupon aq br 1st time knl die tp die mmg best . sdh mrkh beza gle dgn umah len . x aci btol r coz umah len rmi . best r dok kt tmpt dak2 alpha . kecoh dgn senior delta n alpha yg b'tekak jep .
then , major ckp psl spotcheck mengejot tgh2 mlm . sdh r aq x t'jaga lngsg . mmg sah tido mati , ahax . bgn pg je nmpk mcm ade yg terusik . rpe2 nye mpp yg bkk. gotcha .


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ngee :)Hello dear ! welcome :3 doakan untuk semua SPM candidates 2012 okay .
Hey world . Just step here ? My name is Nurafiqah . sixteen this year . Live in Beruntung Hill , Rawang . Currently study for accountacy in Teknik KL . Work without pays at TIKL's koop :DD do fllow if u like . it would be a pleasure!!
Nurafiqah Ramlan

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