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I've been proposed
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 | 12:02 PM | 0 comments


mesti ada antara korang yang dah tengok video ni . omg memang sweet sangat . bercinta kerana Allah . aku nak macam tu . btw dua-dua padan . comel sangat .
kalau ada yang belom tengok  , take a look at this video .


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ngee :)Hello dear ! welcome :3 doakan untuk semua SPM candidates 2012 okay .
Hey world . Just step here ? My name is Nurafiqah . sixteen this year . Live in Beruntung Hill , Rawang . Currently study for accountacy in Teknik KL . Work without pays at TIKL's koop :DD do fllow if u like . it would be a pleasure!!
Nurafiqah Ramlan

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